Studio Hoekstra shows
what Berlin City Mission
does all year.

Studio Hoekstra supports International Justice Mission, until all are free.

Studio Hoekstra helps
bring together
writers and readers.

Studio Hoekstra talks
about death and money.

Studio Hoekstra­ is ready
to make Social Social.

Studio Hoekstra is
wholeheartedly involved
with Refugio.

Studio Hoekstra features
stories of newcomers
and their newfound home.

Studio Hoekstra tells
Fatuma's story.

Studio Hoekstra will do mugs, but only for Nalu.

Studio Hoekstra
💛 Strassenfeger.

Studio Hoekstra­ and
Kemmlers get
vegetables moving.

Studio Hoekstra needs a moment to think. We then tell what needs to be told, in pictures and words.

Our work is creative direction, strategy, concept, text and photography. Our teams are active for:

Berliner Stadtmission, Mein Erbe tut Gutes — Das Prinzip Apfelbaum, International Justice Mission, Gemeinsam für Afrika, Deutsches Kinderhilfswerk, Sharehaus Refugio, Literaturhaus St. Jakobi Hildesheim, DFC, Nalu Diner, Fraport, Rhenus, and others.

We are located at Rosenthaler Straße 39, 10178 Berlin.
+49 30 407 481 09,

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Technical implementation: Felix Niklas
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